"If you had five minutes, and the world was listening, what would you share? What unique wisdom has your life experience given you?"

the living compassion project

The Living Compassion Project is about developing compassion for ourselves and others by sharing our stories.  The concept centres around people telling stories they have carried, struggled with, and grown through... and come to the other side of.  Not only can the act of expression be a powerful experience for the storyteller, but the effect on the community - on others who are struggling in a similar way - can be life saving in some instances.

Our first initiative is a video project that will help bring people's stories to the world. Do you have a story to share? We are travelling across the country to document the wisdom from your most challenging life experiences. We want to talk to you.

The Living Compassion Project    [+1.204.990.8414]    [Winnipeg, MB]